About us

Exhibition Concept

Element Gallery is an imaginary gallery spanning the realms of fiction and reality. It consists of online space for the display and sales of works of art existing in the real world.

It is also a testing ground for exploring the setups that become possible when spatial expression that could only be achieved in a digital world, along with the real-world works, products, and gallery space and system, are connected to the roles and functions of websites as platforms.
Could the assumption of space that cannot be found anywhere (does not exist) provide a new option for the experience of online art appreciation? The activity of viewing art in museums could even be termed an extraordinary experience, and we thought we could perhaps induce it online by having visitors come into contact with works while regulating the margin for imagination, as opposed to the approaches of freely moving around or trying to understand works merely by means of photos or videos.

Element Gallery is a venue linking constituent elements from around the world. It contains both matter and the non-material. Welcome to a gallery that mixes the thirst for the real with the yearning for a fantastic world, and is nowhere at all!


— Operator & curation: Mai Tsunoo
— CGI architecture: FICCIONES
— Graphic design: Ken Okamoto Design Office (Ken Okamoto, Yu Miyano)
— Web direction: Shunya Hagiwara
- Web production: N sketch (Kye Shimizu)
— Project management & editing: Rio Yamamoto
— Photography: Timothée Lambrecq, Harumi Shimizu
— CG chandelier design: Mario Tsai Studio
—Video music: Yuma Koda
— Translation: James Koetting
— PR: HOW INC. (Miki Koike)
— Advisor (concept): Cross Philosophies, Ltd. (Koji Yoshida, Yusuke Shimizu)
— Advisor (contracting, rules, etc.): CITY LIGHTS LAW (Tasuku Mizuno, Kasumi Hayashi)