Fictional Fact

January 28, 2023 - March 31, 2023


Exhibition Concept

Fictional Fact, the opening exhibition of Element Gallery, introduces the works of four artists: Aki Inomata, Haruka Aramaki, Hirofumi Isoya, and Yasuhiro Suzuki. The works to be shown in this exhibition were selected by each upon discussion as to which would be suitable for display in an imaginary gallery.

The selections by Inomata, who produces works mainly from involvement with living creatures, were based on her 2010 video works. She framed coinages born of them and packaged these together with videos. She displays new verbal expressions of non-human origins as if they were golden aphorisms.
Aramaki is showing a series of seven works under the title Non Observation Things. Taking “measurement instruments” as their motif, these works do not have any function in the real world, but their role in an imaginary world might be different.

Isoya printed posters for an event whose very occurrence is a questionable. Because they look quite like museum posters, they make people think they were for an actual event. At the same time, he is showing one of his signature works: a series of photos in which the past and the present seem to change places.

Suzuki is displaying new works based on elements that are important components of the earth: gravity and water. The two works suggest an eternity that may or may not be possible, but the results are unknown to all. Does gravity exist in this world? Does water circulate? The artist poses questions that no one can answer.

While artistic expression per se is commonly intermingled with fiction, solid facts exist somewhere in all of the works shown in this exhibition. We hope you will enjoy the fiction on a continuum with reality presented through these works and the exhibition space.