Fictional FactARAMAKI Haruka
January 28, 2023 - March 31, 2023

ARAMAKI Haruka Works

Do temperature and humidity exist in an imaginary world? Working from this question, Aramaki produced her Non Observation Things series. The familiar instruments used to measure the environment surrounding us are designed in correspondence with the global environment that we now inhabit.
The works shown in this exhibit comprise seven motifs (a Galileo thermometer, mercury thermometer, museum hygrometer, weather vane, compass, gauge, and timepiece). All of them are completely non-functional. Some do not have any fluid; others are not blown by the wind or lack a direction. Nevertheless, we are under the delusion that they have a function.
These works were born solely of the impression made by their external appearance, which is that of instruments with the clear objective of measurement. While being objets in the nature of sculptures, they bring to mind the human practice of measuring the environment.
In a virtual world, neither light nor gravity exist unless they are postulated. “Unusable” measurement instruments that could be regarded as unneeded in this world seem to jump into reality solely on the strength of our impressions of them.

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NOT - 6 (Turning, Stretching U)

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Haruka Aramaki was born in Kanagawa and graduated from the Keio University Graduate School of Media and Governance. With a focus on structures, mechanisms, and human cognition, she employs a wide range of mediums to create sculptural works that are both kinetic and static. Her major exhibitions include Measuring: This much, That much, How much? (2015, 21_21 Design Sight), Design Anatomy: A method for seeing the world through familiar objects (2016, 21_21 Design Sight), and Shapes and Figures (2017, Spiral). Solo exhibitions include Ao to Aka (Blue and Red) (2018, Hikarie 8/ aiiiima) and Structure (2021, Hikarie 8/ aiiiima).